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Have you ever been in a room and thought "Wow, I wish I could make my house feel like this!" Well, that's exactly what I do. I help you give your space that "wow" feeling. It could be as simple as wall color and throw pillows or as exciting as a whole home make-over! Whatever the project, I simply adore getting creative with my clients.

How it all started…My obsession with design really began as a child. I rearranged constantly, creating mini floor plans with cut out furniture and all.  Wanting to be creative for a living I completed a degree in Art Education and taught for several years. I then earned a second degree in design during a 6 year stay Italy. After running an art department at a school of fine arts and managing a talented group of designers at an upscale furniture showroom I decided it was time to branch out on my own.

How I work… Most of my clients already have some idea of what they want. It's my job to translate that into reality. To do that I have to first, be an excellent listener and second, be able to effectively educate on the best options for the project. I've completed projects with hundreds of design clients, experiencing the good the bad and the ugly. I'm sure I've faced pretty much every frustrating situation you have on your own laundry list. The upside... since I know what to look out for I can save you time and money and get the job done right.

Sharing the love…Owning my own business allows me to put my experiences to use in many ways.  Heart Of My Endeavor (H.O.M.E.), is one way for me to share the love through donations and volunteer opportunities. Click here to see what we've been up to lately.

The best part...If you're looking to brighten up your space, or bring a little art into your life, I'm just a call or email away.

I'd love to connect with you!


Interior Design + Industrial Design - Accademia Italiana - Florence, Italy

Art Edu, Teaching Certification - University of Wisconsin-Madison

IIDA (International Interior Design Association), Associate 2010-Present; Board of Directors – Director of Student Membership + Social Media Marketing Coordinator
ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), Allied 2010-2011